How do I care for my sweater?

Follow our step by step instructions on how to properly wash and maintain your hand knit sweaters. All of our garments have been washed as part of its preparation to be delivered to you. Video Coming April 2015. It is recommended that the … Continue reading

How much of an impact does Minkha have on its Community?

Over a fourteen year period, I have seen Cochabamba, Bolivia myself. The city is vibrant, interesting and the community is starting to care for its own youth. The revenue from sweater sales is sent to the offices of Save the … Continue reading

Does Minkha have a sustainable business model?

This is complicated, so the answer is both Yes and No. The knitters themselves are creating a high quality, hand knit products which creates great value for customers. There are good training programs to help develop skills in younger knitters. … Continue reading

Is the money from sweater sales returned to the knitters?

Yes. We have met the knitters and they assure us that their lives are changed through the work we do for them.

What is Entrada Sisa?

‘Entrada Sisa’ is the the spanish word for ‘Armhole’. It is the opening in the sweater through which you put your arm. Minkha refers to it as a dropped shoulder and squared off underneath the armpit.

Where are the sweaters knit?

As of May 2015, Minkha Sweaters has 33 active knitters living in and around Cochabamba, Bolivia.Cristo Rey Community: 11 knitters Tiquipaya Community: 6 knitters Sebastian Payer Community: 4 knitters Support Group: 12 knitters The knitting groups are located in communities in and around Cochabamba and are able to … Continue reading

How long will it take for delivery of my custom order?

Sweater production takes approximately three months. The order is added online and is immediately received by the office manager who then passes it onto the knitters. Once the sweater is completed, it is sent by DHL to Canada.

How are the sweaters priced?

The cost of making a sweater depends on the amount of yarn the knitters use, therefore the larger the sweater, the more it will cost. The standard price for a sweater sized Petite  to Large is $175 and every increase … Continue reading

Where is the fibre for the sweaters sourced?

Further information about our cotton and alpaca fibre can be found under Catalogue > Fibre

Where are the sweaters sold

Sweaters are currently in sold in Calgary, Edmonton, Cranbrook and Oyama. For more information on sales in these areas, please check out the different cities listed under the section titled Sales Calendar.

How is website design and promotion paid for?

Web development and graphic design promotion is paid for through the generous dedication and support of Ellis Bartkiewicz. Ellis works directly and tirelessly with both the volunteers, Bolivian women knitters, as well as Melina, Minkha’s Office Manager. Ellis was first … Continue reading