Time to Visit La Oficina de Migración Again

Before you know it a year has gone by and it’s time to apply for our next Visa. So the process of going to the police, getting finger printed, visiting the lawyer, notary, and getting very official and regal looking stamps on documents and then making multiple copies begins all over again. Then we’re off to La Oficina de Migración.

We’ve become experts at being seen waiting patiently in lines, making it look the most natural thing we could be doing with our time. But it is not only us who are made to wait. The locals are also doing their turn. In fact, if anything, they are the ones who tend to give up waiting and leave to do something else.

There is a definite system and we now know how it works so are not perplexed by seeing one person, then being sent to another, and then another, and then back again to the first again. Of course all of this is on Bolivian time, so we have become experts at going with the flow, and being told come back tomorrow.

Amongst all the bureaucracy there are individuals that display western world efficiency, and we really appreciate their skill when we deal with them. So yes, we’re now ready to return in 3 weeks to get our 2-Year Visas. It is mañana, mañana – but it will happen.