The Bolivian Hour

I had to smile the other day when I heard the expression “the Bolivian hour”. I had to ask what it meant even though I could begin to imagine.

It relates to Bolivian time keeping – give or take and hour or so.

A perfect example of “the Bolivian hour” was illustrated when we got invited to a party this weekend, and I spoke to the host and asked what time should we REALLY come as the invitation was for 5.00 pm which is very early – and she said 5.00 pm on the punto. This sounded unimaginable, as we have been caught out many times already by arriving on time. However she was insistent we should come at 5.00 pm.

We had no intention of turning up on time – but guess what time everyone arrived? At 8.00 pm for the 5.00 pm invitation!

So needless to say the “Bolivian Hour” is alive and well here.