Journey to Bolivia

Fabiola priced out printing our catalogue. Maybe next year we can go this route; but for now we are off to the copy-shop.

Jose, the hotel owner, manager, and our host prides himself in pouring the perfect capacino. And I drink it!

Tending the gardens in the Plaza Principal. 15 years ago I watched women carry the soil to upgrade these gardens.

Mary is ordering a Ruana in her favorite colours and needed help to get the combinations right.

The Minkha Knitters met us at the airport and took us straight to the office where Mary got a picture of Prima in her traditional hat.

Tam Air has all the best things – even passengers with the classiest shoes I’ve ever seen a man wear. (Except, of course, Bob Dylan on stage in red cowboy boots.)

Mexicana Air still serves peanuts. Comfortable and nice service but they left the luggage in Mexico City.