On Bolivian Time

“On Bolivian Time”

 No truer expression could sum up the pace of life here. You think you get it when you come from another place, but the reality is a very different thing.

The concept of time in Bolivia is very different to the western world. As a consequence, no matter how organized you are, how well you try to plan things, you cannot fight it. Bolivian time has an insidious way of engulfing your entire being. This can be a good and bad thing, but it will always win, changing how you think and live your life. It’s like you lose touch with the other reality that was once your old life.

Next month we have some friends from our “old life” coming to visit so we are curious to see what they think about how we’ve changed.

On Bolivian time is infuriating but also addictive and intoxicating all in one.