New Minkha Street Sign for Future Sales.

Here is the new “Street Sign” we will use for our sales. This will be available in an 11″x17″ and 8.5″x11″ print version. We are also looking for new towns to sell sweaters in. If you are interested in helping out, please visit the Expansion page to learn more.

Minkha Street Sign for Future Sales

About Minkha

MINKHA is a true sustainable development success story that was initiated by Save the Children Canada. From its beginning 18 years ago, the women have established a viable cooperative that has afforded them a means of providing for their children and their extended families. We support them 100%! We are totally NON PROFIT, and all the funds from our sales are returned to the knitters. You will not only love your sweater, you will be helping us make a difference for some very important people in Bolivia! Since the early 1990?s, a small group of Quechua and Aymara women were organized by Save the Children – Bolivia into a co-operative knitting group. These women hand knit beautiful alpaca sweaters that are sold in North America. All profits are returned to the Bolivian women throught the efforts of Canadian volunteers. These women were desperate to earn a living to support and care for their extended families. It is customary to have an extended family that may include parents, grandparents and other relatives, as well as children. In many cases a woman is the sole income earner for her family. In addition to the financial rewards of the program, the women also enjoy a very positive social experience. They thrive on the customer feedback they receive for the superior quality of their knitting. The quality of life for these women and their families has improved significantly because of MINKHA. The number of share-holding knitters has tripled: now Artesanias Minkha essentially sustains 45 families. In 2004, the Cochabamba Chamber of Commerce honoured Artesanias Minkha with a plaque celebrating 15 years of business success… this is surely a first for native women.
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