Internet Miracle

I have been on the internet all evening- which is a miracle and it may mean that Jose (hotel owner) is right about the Nokia people because they are gone as the hotel clears out for the Global warming conference. Some Cubans have already arrived and from time to time we have police outside to show that Cochabamba is serious about security.

Patricia feels that the city simply can’t handle such an influx of people. They don’t have the hotels or restaurants and if the visitors try food on the street they will all be sick and it is going to be a disaster all round. I think God is taking care of it by making flights for Europeans impossible and that will leave a lot of delegates at home. Imagine a global warming incident (the volcano) coming to the forefront of the global warming conference in a way that none of the participants would likely have planned to mention in their presentations.

Last week I thought only the outlying town of Punata was all closed up for Sunday but today we found this city is too. Even the museum!