Email from Bolivia

The email here is so spotty that I will try to send this every few minutes so I get something off to you (she did). The hotel claims it’s Nokia’s fault. They are running an office from a conference room and take all the juice from the wireless lines. So how come it’s taken until midnight to get on tonight? Even Nokia stopped working about 7:00pm.

We have calendars printed for the knitters; well nearly printed! They did beautiful prints at a reasonable cost – you would love them, however it took forever to find a colour copy place – there are copy shops in every block, but only do B&W. We finally connected with Melissa who is with Amanacer and she took us to her colour copy shop, conveniently near a very good coffee shop. They did 2 of the 5X7 prints to a business size page (their measures aren’t the same as ours) however when we got back to the hotel we realize they missed 4 of the photos! We have no receipt or anything to remind us where to go except we do have the card from the coffee shop and a receipt from them. We will go first thing in the morning and get the last pages printed.

I haven’t even mentioned our day with Minkha or Amanacer. This is a very full life – Ellis