Dear Minkha Friends,

Dear Minkha Friends,

Winter is just around the corner and with the sweater weather we had all summer, you might be looking for something to freshen your wardrobe. On September 18 we will show the largest selection of Minkha sweaters ever seen in one place. The hall is large and there will be lots of room to try on and have your friends or family help you with your choice.

Antoine and Anne from Cranbrook will be with us and Anne will help write up custom orders. At Antoine’s suggestion we have ordered more sweaters in the large sizes for men. Not to be left out, the small sizes were shipped on Monday and will be here in time for the sale.

We are very excited to get going with this event.

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September 18th from 10am – 4pm
9504 Oakfield Dr SW, Calgary

Minkha Sweaters