Being Cuban

We haven’t moved to the hotel owner’s home. We are still here in the hotel in a room that is being paid for by the Cuban delegation but not occupied yet. Jose is quite delighted with the deception and calls me his accomplice. We didn’t charge our supper to the room but we will accept the free breakfast.

I had to repack my suitcase after we were out of our room because we picked up the sweaters to bring home from the MInkha office this afternoon. I used a hidden corner on one of the patios and when it came to check the weight I took advantage of one of the army guys who are acting as police security for the Cubans. He lifted both at the same time and finally decreed they were the same. I just hope they aren’t more than the 22kg we are allowed.

We have to be at the airport at 11:30 am to check in and Minkha will arrive about 12 noon to say goodbye and there will be tears.

Tomorrow night we are “intransit” and we arrive Wednesday morning in Panama City.