Argentina to Bolivia – The Best Route

If you are travelling from Argentina to Bolivia, or from Bolivia to Argentina, don’t overlook the benefits of crossing the border at Aguas Blancas/Bermejo.

This is by far the best place to cross and enables you to quickly get to cities on either side of the border that have good accommodation, restaurants, tours, and the other services that you need.

For example, in Argentina, Jujuy and better still, Salta, are less than a half days bus trip south of the border town of Aguas Blancas. From Bermejo on the Bolivian side of the border you are just 3 hours from the quaint colonial city of Tarija and its beautiful wine region. Read more about Tarija and it’s wines at The Wines of Tarija.

If you want a hassle free way of getting from Salta to Tarija, or vice versa, we recommend that you take the 8 hour trip using the Dragon Rojo (Red Dragon). To find out more about this trip be sure to read Riding With the Dragon Rojo.

It leaves from Tarija at 4:00 am and gets you to Salta at midday for just Bs250 (approx. USD36.00) per person. Or from Salta you leave at 5:00 am and arrive in Tarija about 2:00 pm for 140Ars. You travel in a comfortable van, get given a light breakfast snack, and they help you through immigration and customs.
The Dragon Rojo offices are at Calle Alpidi #674, Salta, Argentina, (Phone: 1 402 2715) and in Calle Sucre #235, Tarija, (Phone: 4 666 5014).

If you are coming to Tarija you will probably want to stay at Residencial Altiplano, a small private guesthouse that offers quality accommodation with the authentic feel of Bolivia.
To cross the border by in a more adventerous way check out A Small Boat and a Raging River or Crossing the Argentine Border into Bolivia