Patricia Erb joins Save the Children Canada!

Patricia Erb

“New” addition to our team : Patricia Erb joins us as President and CEO

Since first glimpsing the devastating effects of poverty on children in Bolivia at the age of 14, Patricia Erb knew she would devote her life to making things better.

While not new to Save the Children—she’s worked for more than twenty years with the organization to advance the rights of children—Patricia recently joined us as the new President and CEO of Save the Children Canada.

Patricia attended university in Buenos Aires during the military junta era and despite the violent repression of the government, she became a student leader and social activist working in the city’s ghettos. Like other social-activists during this time, she was kidnapped and held captive for months by forces working for the regime in power. The ordeal made Patricia even more committed to fighting for human rights and to making life better for the most vulnerable.

After earning her Master’s degree in International Development Planning at Cornell University, Patricia began working for Save the Children. She has held key positions in the organization including: Interim Program Director, Country Director for Bolivia and Peru and Regional Director for Latin America.

Patricia is particularly skilled at fostering relationships with stakeholders, whether governments, funders, partner agencies, private sector or civil society; including child and youth organizations. Patricia is a cooperative leader; understanding that leadership requires the ability to listen as much as the ability to direct. Her efforts in the area of human and children’s rights, have received international recognition from both government and civil society, and she has served as a board member for 27 non-governmental organizations.

Above all else, Patricia believes—like you—that all children deserve the opportunity to make their dreams a reality and that the world can change for the better if we work together for that change.