Our Volunteers

In the early 1990’s, a group of Canadian volunteers began marketing the MINKHA sweaters. The Calgary volunteers co-ordinate sweater sales, compile and send the orders, keep accounts and transfer funds to MINKHA through Save the Children Canada. Volunteers distribute the sweaters to customers approximately three months later. The volunteers replace the traditional middleman between the producer and the buyer. They receive a double reward for their efforts; grateful Bolivian women and delighted North American customers.

Woodcliff United Church

Angelina (red) volunteering at Woodcliff United Church Sale

Minkha Volunteers

Antoine and Sarah volunteer at our Oakridge Sale in Calgary

Chairman / Photographer / Videographer

Ellis Bartkiewicz
specializing in photography, she volunteers her expertise shooting video and photographs of the Minkha knitters and their sweaters.

Volunteer Founders

Kathleen Gleeson and Doreen Kot marketed Minkha sweater since 1992 and continues to volunteer her time. Kathleen, Patricia Erb Delfin, Rae and Murray Luft, Doreen and Michael Kot brought Minkha Sweaters to Canada in 1992.

Calgary, AB Volunteers

Ellis Bartkiewicz, Angelina Waldon, Eileen Curda, Louise Prenevost, Pat Hatfield, Ruth Syme, Vi Crane, Brad Hays, Ellen Gillis, Marie Bakay, Pat Kover, Sarah Roach, Carol Thompson, Evelyn Raham, Marilyn Prodanchuk, Pat Ronneberg, Sharon Campbel, Celina Alhoy-MacRae, Hilma Baisch, Mary Schroeder, Pat Teed, Tina Wong, Christina Thompson, Kathleen Gleeson, Penny Stathonikos, Tineke Van Asselt, Doreen Kot, Lee Masslow, Pamela Barton, Rene Freeborn, Veronica Malecky

Edmonton, AB Volunteers

volunteer list coming soon Beverley Edwards-Sawatzky
has been coordinating a wonderful Minkha volunteer team in Edmonton since 2002.


Anne Beurskens
retired language teacher (and her husband Antoine; a retired mining engineer) continue to work for the people of Bolivia after volunteering in Bolivia during 2003 and 2004. Anne and Antoine Beurskens, Louise Wall, Lies deBoer, Patricia Kendall, Shawna Plant, Meagan Plant, Karen Poirier, Joni Toorenburgh