Knitters in Bolivia

As of May 2015, Minkha Sweaters has 33 active knitters living in and around Cochabamba, Bolivia. Below are some of their portraits.

Cristo Rey Community: 11 knitters
Tiquipaya Community: 6 knitters
Sebastian Payer Community: 4 knitters
Support Group: 12 knitters

The knitting groups are located in communities in and around Cochabamba and are able to send one representative to the office to pick up orders for their group. The support group might be training to be fully accredited knitters or do finishing touches. The word for knitter in Spanish is “tejedora” which also means weaver. These sweaters are knit in the knitters’ own homes where they still have the opportunity to fulfill their family responsibilities.

Cochabamba, Bolivia.













2012 Bolivia Trip

  1. Yola shows Kathleen the yarn room where all Minkha sweaters get their start.
  2. A Minkha knitter is never far from her knitting bag in all situations.
  3. Once knit, the sweater comes back to the “office” for the finishing touches.
  4. Gaylene tries on a tunic length jacket in Cochabamba.
  5. Brad moves the stock out of my house for its final trip to market.
  6. Minkha volunteers in Calgary mind the table at Woodcliff United’s early Christmas sale.
  7. Another happy Minkha Shopper wearing new design in navy pima cotton.


Minkha Group Photo

Minkha Group Photo. Photo by Ellis Bartkiewicz