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Since the early ninties, “Minkha Calgary” volunteers have supported the Minkha knitting cooperative in Cochabamba, Bolivia which creates beautiful fashion forward contemporary sweaters. This cooperative was initiated by and continues to be affiliated with Save the Children Canada. It is an enterprise which gives indigenous women a “hand up” by organizing sales in Calgary to market their hand knit alpaca and cotton sweaters, coats, ponchos, hats and scarves. Because it is volunteer supported, all profits from sales go directly to the women knitters in Bolivia, who are often the sole support of their families.

Bishop Carrol Fair Trade Event

Get Involved and Have Fun!
Minkha Sweaters, with a direct connection through Save the Children Canada is a member of Volunteer Calgary? an organization who’s passion and purpose is leading the way to vibrant communities. Get involved with Minkha Sweaters through Volunteer Calgary.

Invite friends and family to get involved:
Minkha Sweaters demographic is mainly targeted towards women, however we also encourage men, children and families to actively get involved and become more aware of the issues at hand. We encourage families to work together in ways that will help our knitters in Bolivia succeed, grow and create a future for their families and respective communities.

Connect to the community
Connecting to your community is a valuable way to help others, create a positive feeling for yourself and is a great way to get out of the house and meet others like-minded interests, especially throughout the sometimes dark and dreary winter season.

Improve your resume
Are you a recent post secondary graduate? Have you ever heard “You need experience to get a job, but you can’t get a job, because you need experience.” Well, one of the best ways to overcome situations like this are by creating your own experiences by volunteering, you may even find yourself a mentor.

Pay it forward
Continue the flow of positive energy. When someone does something good to help you, return the favour by doing something good for someone else.