Custom Orders

Custom ordering sweaters is available through arranged meetings and at sweater sales.  Measurements, patterns and colours are taken by volunteers and sent through our online database to the office manager in Cochabamba, Bolivia.  Here, your order gets assigned to an available Minkha knitter to complete.


Sweater Measurements

Expected turn around times for custom ordering is approximately three months.

To further inquire about placing a custom order, you may reach us through the Contact Page or by coming to our events posted in Sales Calendar.

How To Measure Yourself

Head circumference:
Wrap measuring tape around head.

Shoulder width:
Place pins or sticky markers on the two shoulder bones at the top of your arm. Measure between them. Don’t remove the markers; you will use them later.

You will be asked to specify a shoulder ease. If you specify a positive number, the shoulders seams will extend beyond your shoulders.

Where exactly are the shoulders?
Place your hand on the bone at the top of your shoulder. Pivot the arm. If you have the correct location on the bone, your arm should pivot around this point.

Neck circumference:
Wrap measuring tape around base of neck.

Fullest part of chest or bust:
Measure around the fullest part of your bust.

Bust depth:
Measure from neck point down to fullest part of bust.

Back waist length:
Measure from the bone at the top of your spine down to your waist level.

Arm length: Measure from the shoulder bone to your elbow then continue down to your wrist.

Forearm length:
Measure from the elbow to the wrist. Wrap tape around bicep.

Elbow circumference:
Wrap tape around elbow.

Wrist circumference:
Wrap tape around wrist.

Place the tape around your natural waist.

Hip circumference:
Place the tape around the fullest part of your hip. This may be quite low! Don’t cheat!

Distance from your waist to the fullest part of hip: This is a vertical measure. Put the tape at the level of your waist then measure down to the location where your hips are fullest. This is difficult to do. Tying elastic strings around both your waist and hips will help. Fortunately a precise measurement isn’t necessary for most sweaters. It is useful to know when evaluating the length of a sweater.

Armhole and Shoulder Measurements
Note: The armscye and armhole measurements depths are redundant. Some people like to use one; some like to use the other. The Knitting Fiend will use which ever results in a deeper armhole.

Snug armscye:
Place the one end of a tape measure on your shoulder on that same little pin you used for the shoulder and arm length measurements. Then wrap the tape under your armpit and back up to the same pin shoulder. Hold the tape comfortably snug.