Why Tarija is the Best Place to Live in Bolivia

We would definitely say that Tarija is the Best place to live in Bolivia. Biased you might say – Possibly.

But that raises the question as to why we say such a thing. Here are a few reasons for you to consider.

And if you are looking at all the possible options as to where to live in Bolivia, Tarija is definitely worth a visit to see for yourself if it meets your criteria for the best place to live in Bolivia.

  • The climate is great. It has dry winters with clear blue skies and often during the summer rainy season it only rains at night.

  • It is one of the safest cities in Bolivia. It has a low crime rate, most of which is of a petty nature, and you can safely walk the streets at night.

  • While it is one of the smaller cities in Bolivia it has many of the services of a large city but still retains a laid back small town feel.

  • The people are friendly and helpful. People greet you on the street and take the time to know and talk to their neighbours. They want to be helpful to strangers.

  • It is in the main wine region of Bolivia and has easy access to the tropics and Altiplano regions of Bolivia.

  • It is near the borders of 3 other countries – Argentina, Paraguay and Chile – and easy air access to Bolivia’s other main cities.

  • It is one of the cleaner cities in Bolivia and is not affected by commercial pollution.

  • It is situated in one of the wealthier departments due to the natural gas reserves.

  • Due to its popularity and subsequent growth it offers many business and investment opportunities.

  • It still has a unique indigenous population who wear their traditional clothing and enjoy a more traditional way of life. The western world culture hasn’t taken over yet.

So come and check it out for yourself – we don’t think you will be disappointed.If you need more accurate on the spot information, feel free to contact Altiplano Bolivia Services for Expats which is based in Tarija