Why Not – Just Do It!

The decision to move to live in another country is a big decision. There is just so much to consider. At times it can seem overwhelming. At times you or your friends will be asking “What if…” and then mention something bad the might, possible, or probably won’t happen.

We’ve experienced that. But our motto is to “live life so as to have no regrets”, and we would rather have regrets about things that we did do, rather than about things we were too scared to do. We don’t want to get to an age where we spend our time thinking about what we could or should have done– as we see so many people doing with the passing of time.

We would rather think: “That was a crazy mid–life crisis moment, what were we thinking” rather than saying “if only”…

Our readers who know us personally can attest to the fact that we are “very sensible” so we are not advocating throwing caution to the wind. Instead we suggest that don’t let yourself be shackled by other people’s ideas or misconceptions, or misgivings, or desires for you – it is your life not theirs – so live it as you should.

Bolivia is calling so why not ‘Just Do It’?