What Kind of Traveller are You?

As our B & B gets more exposure we are busy with lots of guests coming and going and one thing we have noticed is there seem to be 2 types of travellers.

One group who get off the plane and hit the ground running, doing every tour going and then leaving as fast and efficiently as they came. The second type come and stroll the streets, sit in the Plazas and cafes, talk to the locals, take some of the tours, but explore the off the beaten track locations soaking up the ambience of the city and the people.

We are definitely the second type of traveller – not just wanting to say “been there done that”. We want to absorb the soul of the places we visit, getting a feel for what life is like there and what makes it unique.

The other noticeable thing about modern travellers is they all come with an array of high tech gadgets; computers, IPods, and satellite guided cell phones to stay contacted with their other life.

So what kind of Traveller are you? – Hopefully you don’t miss the experience in the rush!