Warm Winds, Dust Storms, and Leaves

It’s an odd phenomenon and this year it seems to have arrived earlier than normal. The temperatures have jumped up to the high 20’s and early 30’s. Yes, its mid-winter but the warm north winds and dust storms have started again. 

The warm winds dry the trees, plants and ground, and bring clouds of fine dust from the hills and mountains surrounding the city. The last of the leaves on many of the trees now fly through the air and litter the streets, awaiting the street cleaning ladies that keep the city clean.

It’s awesome to watch the wind whipping up the dust on the sides of the mountains and sending the dust clouds down towards the city below. As you watch the darkening brown clouds approach it is time to shut all the windows and draft stop the doors to keep the fine dust outside.

The next day, as you walk the streets, you see the leaves that have been piled high by the night street sweepers. And you know that tomorrow it will probably all happen again – warm winds, dust storms, and leaves.

 Just another amazing thing we have experienced living here.