Time to Hit the Road

The unknown beckons us.  We constantly have the desire to be free and escape the routine of everyday life and explore more of our home land.  Finally we have found a 2 week gap in our schedule where we can hit the road. 
We will follow a loose schedule that allows a little flexibility so we can stop and linger longer if we feel the need.
We love La Paz and have visited several times but feel we have only scratched the surface of that intriguing city.  So the plan is to spend a few more days exploring it more intimately before we ride the “World’s Most Dangerous Road”, something that has been on our “must do” list for awhile.  Then we’ll spend a few days relaxing and swinging in hammocks in Coroico in the Yungas.
We also are interested in exploring the ruins at El Fuerte and seeing what Samipata is like.  That means passing through Santa Cruz on the way.

Finally we will make our way home on the Santa Cruz–Tarija road which we haven’t travelled yet, but we have heard varying reports about the trip so are keen to experience it for ourselves.

So in the coming weeks you will be able to read a little more about the adventures on our travels.