The Faces of the People

The faces of the people of Bolivia speak volumes – proud, stoic, beautiful and soulful.
The people of Bolivia reflect the faces of their ancestors and a distant history that adds interesting layers to the fabric of a very unique Bolivian society today.  

As you look into their eyes you at times can be drawn in. At times they appear to be friendly and kind, sombre and melancholic, or often times joyful and festive. At other times they appear to be expressionless, but a smile and friendly “hola” can quickly change that. You soon realize there is much more to these people than meets the eye. 

What an adventure to figure it all out and get to know not only the stereotypes, but the regional rivalries and differences.

Just another thing that makes us love the choice we made to come and live here.

Hope you enjoy the photos of the people – can you read their faces?