Stars and More Stars

We got the opportunity to visit the observatory here in Tarija one evening, and it turned out to be a night not to forget.

I must confess I am only mildly interested in astronomy, but after a visit to the observatory I am amazed at what is out there in space, and what you can actually see.

The Bolivian National Observatory in Santa Ana boasts a number of Russian made telescopes.It is situated where the altitude is high, the night skies are clear and the southern exposure makes it great viewing conditions of the southern sky.

The evening was perfect with clear skies and we arrived before the moon had risen so it was pitch black. The stars and planets lit the sky scape in a dazzling display of diamond-like lights.

It was inspiring to look into the sky through the telescopes at Saturn, which was hardly visible to the naked eye, and seeing the gas rings around the planet, as well as the nearby galaxies. Then looking at another pin prick of light and finding it was a whole galaxy with millions of stars that were 50 times larger than our sun!

The presentation in the planetarium and personalized tour by one of the astronomers was very professional and informative.
So when you come to Tarija to visit, make sure you make a visit to the observatory, as it is well worth it.