Photo exposé – Iconic People of Bolivia

When you think of Bolivia you may easily be influenced by a common stereotype, especially from a foreigner’s perspective. It is easy to think of Bolivia as the postcard image of a Chola woman wearing her hair braided in long plaits, the ornate pollera skirt worn over several petticoats, a typical bowler hat and a baby, slung in a colourful wrap on her back.

Traditional styles of dress worn for everyday wear is common here. However that are not all the same. Rather than just clothes it is something that adds to the unique identify of the people and reflects their unique heritage – whether they be Aymaran, Quechuan, Cambas, Kollas, Guaranians, or Afrobolivianos, and of course those gringos!

But the fact that so many people of this land have managed to keep their indigenous identities so complete in this modern world, where often such things are not valued enough until they are almost lost, is something that makes it so special.

It’s just another reason to come and explore this amazing land and its humble people, while they are still lost in time and not spoilt by all things Western, for it is inevitable.