Living in the 80’s in 2011

Our constant joke about our life here, which we love is – Living in Bolivia is like stepping back in time, and living in the 80’s.

It is evident in many ways – the fashions, the hair styles & definitely the music. After coming from a large city in the western world with all the conviences and fast paced life style it has taken a little while to adjust, but it grows on you.

 So if you are into all things retro, this is the place for you.

We’ re often saying we are turning into Bolivians, especially when we are excited by a find – like a cool restaurant, or when we have an average coffee in a cafe, and say hey this is good- where once ( in our old life) we would have sent the coffee back and complained that it wasn’t anything but perfect.

So if you feel you need to get off the tread mill and return to a simpler place in time – a trip to Tarija might be what you need to reassess, and feel the 80’s groove once again.