Church Bells and Chickens

We live in the central city and, as you would expect, we hear noise at times – the traffic, car alarms honking horns, a neighbour’s music that goes on into the next day, and the jangle of the rubbish truck making its nightly rounds.   

There are, however,  other sounds that sink into your soul.  Sounds like the church bells echoing in the distance, the neighbour’s rooster crowing at 5.00 am, and the haunting sound of the knife sharpener’s flute as he makes his rounds.

These are the sounds that summon the start of a new day; perhaps sounds that are often overlooked in the fast paced western world life we have left.

They are sounds that reminded me of the following quotes by Tony Cohen:

“What does it mean to internalize the sound of the church bells, fireworks at six in the morning? Burros braying… The days and weeks gain rhythm, unfold in time. The cobbled paths we tread become inner landscapes.”

“We are strangers here moving through a world of colour, light and aroma, the language a pleasing tangle of alien sounds, the white wash of the old walls flaking off in our hands, the canopy of the night stars ours alone.”

So when you visit you too will be able to hear and appreciate more fully the sounds, such as church bells, chickens, and other everyday sounds that remind you that normal life does exist.