A Rock, a River, and a Bottle of Coke

Here we are sitting in the sun on a rock on the side of the river that is the frontier between Bolivia and Argentina.

Why are we here? We are waiting for our friends who are coming to stay from New Zealand, so we are in great expectation. We have our binoculars so we can search for them in the trail of people walking down to the river’s edge to take the small boats that criss cross the river to Bermejo. They stand out; they’re white and Gringo’s. Not a common site at this crossing. It is used by the locals, and all the human mules taking contraband across the frontier into Argentina.

We smile to ourselves as we sit drinking coke in the midday sun; what a long way from our past life and where our friends come from – drinking designer coffees in sleek cafes in the inner city.

What will they think? We hope they’ll love what has become our new life here as much as we do. And that they “get it”, looking past the not so appealing things to see, below the surface, a fabric of life which is so cool! Time will tell.