A Friend and a Funeral

The other day we attended a funeral for a friend. Yes that’s right, a Bolivian friend. We felt very sad as we remembered him and mourned his death. It made us realise that we are in the process of forming connections and developing history with some of the locals; to the point that we can say they are our friends, a thing that only time allows.

The funeral discourse and service was similar to how we mourned and remembered our friends in our old life. However the funeral was very different. It was at 6:00 at night in the house of our friend. Most people turned up in dressed in clothes more appropriate for going to the market or shopping. Nothing seemed to be organised and no one was in control. However eventually the casket was brought in and the funeral discourse was presented. Then everyone just left.

I suppose this is just another part of the making a new life here. And letting go of your old one so it becomes a pleasant memory in the past; one that got us here, but is becoming increasingly more irrelevant the longer we live here.

Just another thing we are learning about.