A Deeply Spiritual People

One of the outstanding qualities of the local people here is their deep respect for spiritual things. Here people have a very open, but natural display of reverence for God and the Bible. This is a sharp contrast to where we have come from where the people are more secular and sceptical in their outlook and personal values, and any profession of faith is a private matter. 

Here in Bolivia you often observe people crossing themselves as they walk past some church or holy place, reading their Bible in a public place, while waiting in a cue, sitting in their shops or even when travelling on the bus. The taxis and buses are adorned with expressions of faith and often have a crucifix hanging from the rear view mirror. They also worship in awe inspiring places of magnificent architecture.

When you make an enquiry about their well-being people will often answer using an expression that means “I’m well, thanks to God”.

Conversations about the Bible and spiritual things are as natural as the western world conversations about the weather and sports news!

Unlike in the western world there is no shame or stigma attached to having and displaying your faith.
Regardless of what your personal view is about what they believe their devotion is inspirational and very humbling.

Just another surprising facet of our new life here.