10 Reasons to Visit Tarija

Tarija is a quaint colonial city situated in the south of Bolivia. Up until recently it has been largely overlooked by tourists.
However it offers a lot for the tourists that want to diverge from the normal “gringo trail” from Villazon to La Paz.
So why should you come to Tarija?

1. The people are very kind and hospitable and it is a very safe and quite city,
2. The city has retained an ethnic feel so you get a good insight into the different cultures of Bolivia,
3. Tarija is situated in Bolivia’s main wine region (Read about the Vinos de Altura),
4. It has an excellent range of accommodation including Residencial Altiplano for people that want something better than normal,

5. Most of the year the weather is temperate and pleasant. Some have described it as “eternal spring”,

6. From Tarija you have easy access to the Altiplano and is a good location to start acclimatizing for higher altitudes,

7. It has a very good paleontology museum and a world renowned observatory and planetarium,

8. You can now take private Spanish lessons here
9. It is just 3 hours from the Argentine border and 8 hours from the Argentine cities of Jujuy and Salta (Read about crossing the border at Bermejo to Aguas Blancas)
10. From Tarija you can easily travel to Villazon, Tupiza, Potosi and Sucre by bus or to other main Bolivian cities of Sucre, Cochabamba, La Paz and Santa Cruz by air.
So why not make Tarija part of your next South American itinerary?
You can read more about Tarija at Tarija, Bolivia.