The Tea Ceremony

I feel blessed to have the friends and family that I do. They keep me smiling, learning and on a never ending search for creativity and adventure. Please join me on June 3rd and 4th for good conversation and a pot of tea.  

Staycation / Vacation

I look to the world in creative and refreshing ways, sometimes imagining everyday places through the eyes of a tourist. Dressing nicely, walking slowly and enjoying the details of everything.

Morning Chill

I can’t imagine living anywhere in the world that didn’t see the changing of the four season. There’s something magical in the air, the colours in the land and the changing of perspectives and peoples enthusiasm. For me, I always … Continue reading

Minkha Mini Cards

Minkha Mini Cards designed to help promote the sale. We are really happy with how they turned out. Thanks Staples for the great print job and also to our beautiful volunteer models for helping to show them off.

2015 Photoshoot

Our 2015 Minkha photoshoot is in the works. We’ve got some beautiful models coming to volunteer their time and we are excited to show off some of the new sweaters. Here are photos we’ve used over the past few years.